After going through the cadaver locker I have made a list of locations on where the white suckers locations are at:

Sand Creek
Lake Melonge
Wolf River
Wood Co
Robert Lake
Lake Superior
Lake Lucerne
Red Bank

I now need to find which one of these bodies of water are pristine. All the collected fish are from the dates 1966-1974.

New proposal

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I am making minor changes to the plan.

1. Since we will have 6 samples and we want to see if there is sex-changing properties I want to use white suckers, Catostomus commersonii. When I went through the cadaver casket, I found that most of it was composed of both blue and white suckers. Since we have such a large selection of white suckers in the collections it is easy to find matching pairs

2. We will use three sets of samples each from a different time period. Pre-EPA , 1974, and 1980’s

3. We will make half of the samples from a known polluted water source and the other half from a pristine water source.

4. I would like to use all males as i some genesis of fish do not show inter-sex properties as that of males

Opened the large cadaver lockers were the bigger suckers are found. I have hit a bit of crossroads now. The species that I picked out before (Golden Redhorse) is not present in the locker. So I have two choices. I can change the smaller fish that I collected into the ones present in the locker or I can add them as one of the six species that I am going to dissect.

Next week I need to set up times with both Bob and Justin for both times of dissections and embedding tissues. Justin gave me advise on looking for male gonads compared to female gonads since most research show that most males turn into females when endocrine system is disrupted.

Walker was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado, to Llew Walker, a Baptist minister, and Pat (Fitch) Walker, a bookkeeper.[4][5] The family moved to Plainfield, Iowa, and then to Delavan, Wisconsin, in Walworth County when Scott was ten years old.[4]

While in high school, he attended two weeks of American Legion-sponsored training in leadership and government; Badger Boys State held in Wisconsin, and the selective Boys Nation held in Washington, D.C.[6][7] He has credited the experience with solidifying his interest in public service and giving him the “political bug”.[4][7] He graduated from Delavan-Darien High School in 1986.

He attended Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin from 1986 to 1990.[8] During his sophomore year, he ran unsuccessfully for president of the student government, promising to solve the school’s economic problems. The Marquette Tribune, the student newspaper, did not endorse Walker due to admitted violations of campaigning guidelines.[9] During his four years at Marquette, he earned 94 credits with a grade point average in the C’s, but he did not complete his degree.[10] Walker explained his reasons in a 2010 interview: “‘In the end, I figured I was in school to get a good job,’ he said. ‘So once I had one, family became more important than getting a degree.'”[4]

This is more for me to keep a record of methods on how I am conducting research.

First set of research is with professor Sun. I need to start making sections with the microtome. I talked with my research partner a week ago but I need to start making some progress with the embedded blocks.

Second set of research is my independent research on fish histology in Moxostoma erythrurum (golden redhorse)found 3 mi above Orion in Wisconsin river from 1962. I have found the fish in the collection but I have not found a good staining tech. So I will have to a little more look on the web for some papers before I start embedding.

Out of the Ashes Like a Phoenix

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Well I can say that my website did officially crash once. With a big nice 500 error for deleting a program using Cpanel first instead of from the admin dashboard first did it. What was this great program that I did this with, no other then JoomFish. This is a translation program that does not tell you that it only carries English unless you are a member of their site and you have to pay yearly after that. So I thought I would try to delete it using the Cpanal for once. This was a epic fail. So my site crashed. If that was not bad enough my backup program was not backing up. So I was put into a hard spot. Lucky reinstalling the Joomfish made everything go away. That was about all I could take for one day. So with three different plug-ins that I do not want and the end of the winterm. I might say that the battle is over but the war has just begun. WAARGGG!!!!

To refresh my take on a CAPTCHA Program
Finally getting my website up and running. Before I did that I work with a Joomla app called Jcomment. Jcomment is an app that gives the user and admin more option when writing a post. Not only does it give the admin a smörgåsbord of option on telling people requirements on being able to post comments, it also give him/her I nice CAPTCHA program from post. It is able to use many third-party extensions which makes it ideal for integration. The only downside is it lack in CAPTCHA when just logging in as a user. I will still use this program in my final website. It is good for JoomGallery which I am exited to use with Jcoomment but I need to get a plug-in and a component. I even posted on the Joomla exstention site under the name hellnight2000 to give the company feed back on their product. I said “For being new at Joomla, I found this mod easy to use. It give the users many options to choose from. It also was a simple download with no problem. Jcomments is great mod to use when dealing with users posts. “

What extension did you use? Vinaora Visitors Counter
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? I wanted to have a counter for my website to show the public the amount of traffic that goes through my site.
How did you customize it? I changed it to its most basic form. I did this because the other form of the program took too much space and tended to be to flash for the site. There was also a lot of extra information that was not needed in the more advanced forms.

What extension did you use? DS Ajax Banner Slide Rotator
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? I first looked at its rating on Joomla extensions. It seemed like a decent program. I was looking for only a few different pictures to scroll at the top to make the page look more dynamic.
How did you customize it? I used photos that I had taken awhile back to shuffle through. I made the navigation bar in the program visible. I also went into Banners and gave all the photos URL to certain sections the photos relate to. Now not only does it look nice you are also able to navigate to different pages with it.

What extension did you use? CK Editor
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? The ability to copy most of word doc. to Joomla was a plus and it has a really wide selection of options.
How did you customize it? I changed it from its basic configuration to its advanced settings but I did not set it to its full setting in the front end because it competes too much with the template and makes editing harder.

What extension did you use? Akeeba Backup
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? Tim said it was one of the best that there was so it took from his words. I have had no problems on backing up my site so far.
How did you customize it? The closest thing to customizing the program is updating it on Tuesday.

What extension did you use? JComments
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? It was the first one that I ever dealt with. I original used it for find out how to use a CAPTCHA program, which was a bonus, but now can use it for
How did you customize it? There was not much to change in the program. I did change some of the permissions on the various users but other than that, it was a solid program.

What extension did you use? PhocaFavicon
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? This is the cheaters way of getting a favicon. I took it because at the time I did not know how to make favicons. It does add extra to the program but since I cannot do program right now I see no problem with it
How did you customize it? No customizing just add picture and you are done.

What extension did you use? JoomGallery
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? It was either this or Ozio gallery. I like Joomgallery because of the category system. It gives visitors a choice on what photos they can look at without me making new pages
How did you customize it? I added an improved commenting system that works though Jcomments as well as a search engine just for pictures. For that I needed to download both the plug-in and module

What extension did you use? Google analytics
What is the URL of its source?
Why did you select it over others? Google is a decently trusted name.
How did you customize it? I had to make a new module add copy and paste the html they gave me. After that enable it and place it on every page.